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The countdown to eDay is in its final phase – Central Government and State agencies, as well as local authorities, will stop issuing and accepting cheques from businesses from Friday 19th September.  If your business hasn’t already made the change, then you will face major problems in your transactions with State bodies.   Your priorities should be to:

– Get your bank accounts online if you haven’t already done so
– Make sure your invoicing system reflects the transition to eBusiness – include BIC and IBAN numbers on each invoice
– Test the system to make sure it works, perhaps with a regular client on a small transaction…
– Register for ROS (The Revenue Online System)

    Online banking is just another way of doing eBusiness and can save you time and money.  Some people pick it up more quickly than others, so get the office expert to lead the way and to show others what to do, but remember that you need to apply proper security measures to ensure that only those who are authorised can access logins and passwords.

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