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What is JobsPlus?

JobsPlus is a new scheme that replaced the PRSI Exemption and Revenue Job Assist and came into effect in July 2013.  Under the JobsPlus scheme, grants of up to €10k are available to employers who take on someone who has been out of work for more than a year.

 How do employers qualify for the scheme? 

  • Unlike previous schemes the employer does not have to have an existing workforce, and one person operations do qualify.
  • The employer must have a current Tax Clearance Certificate
  • The position must be for more than 30 hours per week

NB: Family members are NOT considered eligible candidates for JobsPlus.

How much is the Jobs Plus employee paid?

There are two levels of payment depending on the length of time the Jobs Plus candidate has been unemployed:

  • Unemployed for 12-24 months – €7,500
  • Unemployed over 24 months   – €10,000

Grants are paid over a two year period by monthly payments directly into the employer’s bank account.

How to apply for Jobs Plus

To avail of the scheme employers must log on to JobsPlus.ie and fill out the application form. An email will inform you if you are successful and you can then search for a candidate.  Prospective employees must also go online to check their eligibility for the scheme, and if they are eligible a two part Form JP1 will be issued to them:

  • JP1 Part A – Confirms eligibility of candidate for scheme and the rate of payment applicable.
  • JP1 Part B – Is to be completed by the prospective employer and returned to the Department. The successful employee must contact their local SW Office to close their claim so that payment of the JobsPlus to the new employer can commence.

Other details and schemes

Please note that the JobBridge scheme is still in place but that employees can move from JobBridge scheme to JobsPlus provided they meet the criteria. Time spent on other activation courses can count towards the qualifying period e.g. Community Employment. Employees continue to retain their medical card for a period of 3 years.

Another useful scheme is the Part-Time Incentive scheme for taking on employees working less than 24 hours per week who have been unemployed for 15 months or more; qualifying candidates retain their benefits and get a weekly allowance.

For further information or advice on schemes available to employers or those wishing to set up their own businesses, contact us here or call MLMG on 07493 21420 today.