This payment will be available to all employees and the self-employed who have lost employment due to downturn in Economic activity caused by Covid-19. This is an emergency payment and will be paifor a period of 6 weeks at a flat rate payment of €203 per week.

There is a simple one page application form and can be applied for by paper return or online-please see link below for application, Form COVID-UP.

Individuals applying for the above payment will be required to apply for the normal jobseekers payments (Form UP1) within this 6 week period. Once this normal jobseeker claim is subsequently received, the department will process these claims and reconcile payments at that time. This will involve backdating increased payments, for certain customers.

There are 2 types of jobseekers payments. Jobseekers Benefit which is based on PRSI contributions and Jobseekers Allowance which is means tested. See link below for Form UP1:

Also, see links below for the qualifying conditions for Jobseekers Benefit and Jobseekers Allowance.

Jobseekers Benefit-Qualifying Conditions;

Jobseekers Allowance – Qualifying Conditions; bseekers_allowance.html

This is an income support payment for employees and self-employed if you have been temporarily placed on a shorter working week. The payment is made in respect of your regular salary for the days that you are no longer working i.e. if your working week is reduced from 5 days to 3 days you can receive support for 2. Please see link below for information on qualifying conditions.


This scheme is for employers who have CEASED trading because of the impact of social distancing. The employer pays their employees the Jobseekers rate of €203 per week on the basis that the Government will reimburse them. The purpose of this scheme is to avoid employees having to submit a Jobseekers claim. The terms of this scheme and the procedure for refund have not yet been

The viability of this scheme is very much dependant on cash flow of the business.


If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 or are suspected of having COVID-19 and are medically required to self-isolate, you can get income support. You will not have to wait 6 days before you can apply for Illness Benefit. The personal rate of Illness Benefit will increase from €203 to €305 per week for up to 2 weeks if you are medically required to self-isolate, or for the duration of your medically-certified absence from work with a COVID-19 diagnosis.

The normal social insurance requirements for Illness Benefit will be waived or the means test for Supplementary Welfare Allowance will be removed, if you are medically required to self-isolate or diagnosed with COVID-19.

An online application process will be available by the end of March. Please see link below for current information on Enhanced Illness Benefit.

Please note that this situation is evolving and we will endeavour to keep you informed as the circumstances arise.

Please also note that the information provided herein is our interpretation of the current measures introduced and that no responsibility for any loss or damage to any other person acting or refraining
from acting as a result of any material in this document can be accepted on the part of McLaughlin McGonigle and any of its employees.