InterTradeIreland is offering vouchers to the value of £2,000/€2,250 (including VAT) to cross-border companies to address key business challenges related to Covid-19. The funding is being provided under the “Emergency Business Solutions” scheme.

Funding is available for supports in the following areas:

  1. Finances
  • Guidance and direction to relevant government supports – With a wide range of supports available, find out what is applicable to your business and help in applying.
  • Loan supports – Get help in the completion of lending applications.
  • Emergency cash flow – Financial planning for the short and long term business sustainability.
  1. Staff Training
  • Completion of Covid-19 risk assessments – As an employer, you must protect people from harm. This includes taking reasonable steps to protect your workers and others from covid-19. This risk assessment will help you manage risk and protect your staff.
  • Impact of Covid-19 on Health & Wellbeing – Learn the importance of wellbeing, stress and mental health in the workplace. Topics include; how to help staff with remote working, the work life balance, team development and emotional intelligence.
  • Recruitment & Selection – Receive guidance on how to manage recruitment whilst remote working – including a step-by-step process to develop job descriptions. You will also learn how to conduct disciplinary & grievance matters virtually.
  • Effective management in a remote working environment – Learn effective leadership skills, how to manage and motivate team performance, conflict management, change management, absence management and team development while working remotely.
  1. HR and Health & Safety
  • HR Issues – Reviewing the employee handbook and ensuring HR policies and employee contracts are up-to-date. Redundancy advice, contracts and advice on leases.
  • Business Risk/Health & Safety – Already have a Covid-19 risk register? Get help with health and safety information logs as well as help with review of processes used for monitoring and contact tracing, and checks on adherence to policies.
  1. Products
  • Diversification – Help diversify your business to offer additional/new products or services.
  • Reposition your business strategy – Receive support in putting together a long term view to the strategic direction of your business.

Qualifying Criteria
To qualify for financial support your business must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an indigenous business registered in Ireland or Northern Ireland.
  • Trade across the border (NI/ROI).
  •  Employ less than 250 employees.
  • Have an annual turnover of less than €50m (sterling equivalent).
  • Have a satisfactory trading history.

Ineligible Sectors: Businesses involved in primary agriculture, tourism and hospitality cannot apply.

This funding is provided under the European Commission Regulation on De Minimis Aid. The business must provide InterTradeIreland with details of all other De Minimis aid which has been granted to the business within the past three years.

If you believe that your business can qualify for this support, please contact this office on 07493 21420 or to discuss making an application.