– Making Your Money Work for You.

At MLMG, we can help make your money work better for you. Whether you are an employee, pensioner, small business owner or a company director, you can have financial peace of mind knowing that we are looking after your personal and business finances. We take pride in looking after all of our client’s financial needs.

If you would like us to review your personal finance plan, please contact us for a no-obligation consultation today.

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Personal Financial Planning

Put simply, financial planning is ensuring that you are as well prepared as you can be to meet the financial demands that will face you at different stages of your life.

A good financial plan should be dynamic – looking at the ‘today’, the ‘tomorrow’, and of course, the ‘what if’. We can help you create and update your personal financial plan – looking at your saving and investments, protection and retirement planning needs. Our team of qualified financial advisors will help you with all aspects of the financial planning process, helping to ensure that you have the right financial plan in place for you, your family and your business.

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We all hope for a comfortable retirement.

However, if you want to maintain your current level of income into retirement, it is likely that a pension should form a key part of your retirement planning.

Whether you are looking for a personal pension for yourself or a group scheme for your employees, our team of experienced pension advisors offer advice to ensure that your pension plan meets your needs.

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Savings & Investments

Most of us have some form of savings in place.

These can be for a specific purpose, like paying for your children’s education or saving for a deposit on a house or home improvements. You may just want to build up a rainy day fund to deal with unexpected costs or you may have a lump sum you want to put away for the future. The uncertainty caused by the financial crash has resulted in many leaving their cash on deposit earning very little or no returns. On the other hand, many of those who did invest in equities have seen double-digit annual growth over the same period.

Investments can be complex but getting the right product for you can make a significant difference to your outcome, especially for longer-term savings and investments. We can help you understand the products and guide you through the options available to you, helping you choose those that will best meet your needs.

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Life Assurance

Life is a journey and no-one knows what is around the next corner.

We all think “it will never happen to me” but serious illness, sudden or premature death are a reality, and have the potential to create financial issues at what would already be an extremely difficult time. Hence the importance of planning your life and serious illness cover. At MLMG, your financial protection is our priority. We work with all the leading life insurance companies to ensure you have the most suitable life insurance product in place to protect you and your family should the unthinkable happen.