Updates from 16th April 2020

The TWSS has been amended to include employees whose pre-COVID gross salary was greater than €76,000, and their post-COVID annual gross salary has now fallen below €76,000 (broadly €960 net per week but has now fallen below €960 net) due to them taking a pay-cut. This amendment should also apply to any employee who had an annual gross salary of less than €76,000 but was excluded from the TWSS as their Average Net Weekly Payment (ANWP) exceeded €960 per week, due to payment of once off payments in January and February, such as bonuses and/or commission. The updates are summarised below:


The maximum subsidy payable is calculated by reference to the employee’s ANWP and the payment now being made by the employer. The subsidy available is subject to the tiered arrangements, and tapering will apply to ensure the actual net pay received does not exceed €960 per week.

Updates from 4th May 2020

Employee previously earning up to €586 net per week

The subsidy available is as follows:


The following amendments to the TWSS are expected to apply to payrolls with a payment date on or after 4th May 2020 (Phase 2). Again, the ANWP will continue to be based on the January and February 2020 payroll.

Employees previously earning in excess of €586 net per week

For employees whose previous ANWP is greater than €586 per week but not more than €960 per week, the subsidy shall not exceed €350 per week, and is calculated by reference to the amount of any additional payments made by the employer as follows:


Tapering of the subsidy shall apply to all cases where the gross pay paid by the employer plus the subsidy amount exceeds the previous ANWP. The single exception to tapering is where an employer wishes to pay an employer contribution which when added to the wage subsidy for the employee does not exceed €350 per week. In such cases, tapering of the temporary wage subsidy shall not be applied.

Revenue are due to issue further guidance on these changes in due course.

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