We have received some clarification from Donegal County Council via Letterkenny Chamber of Commerce, on how the 6 months Rates Waiver is administered.
Importantly, an application to the County Council is not required. They will automatically apply a 100% credit in lieu of commercial rates, for a six-month period, to classes and categories of occupied rateable property where the occupying business is not in an excluded category.
In the event that you qualify for the credit but have already paid your rates bill for 2020, a refund or credit will be arranged by the Council. You should contact the rates department by email to make arrangements.
More information, including contact details and a list of the excluded categories can be found here: http://www.donegalcoco.ie/yourcouncil/communicationsoffice/pressreleasesfromjan2020/covid19waiverofcommercialrateschargesdonega/
If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us: 07493 21420 or info@mlmg.ie.